2017 Spring @ Service Design

My Role

Starting with a group of six, I participated in research through field studies, pure observations at RaceTrac stores and interviews with stakeholders. Later on, together with two teammates, we formed a small group and started our service design. We identified the problems, brainstormed ideas and finalized different touchpoints in user journey after iterations. I was responsible for kiosk and app designs and all of the visual deliverables including customer journey map and illustrations. I also storyboarded, shoot and made the final presentation video.

Methods and Tools

Customer Journey Map, Stakeholder Map, Stakeholder Interviews, After Effects, Sketch, Illustrator, InDesign


RaceTrac’s place in the industry started as a gasoline service station in the 1930s. However, in the 1970s, they established themselves as a convenience store. Today, RaceTrac has 400 stores in the Southeast. A noteworthy goal for RaceTrac is to increase conversion rate from those that purchase gas to customers in its convenience stores. Currently, the rate sits at approximately 31%, and improvements in this area would increase pro ts signi cantly for the company. As such, it seems as the focus of the company is shifting more from the gas offering to the convenience store offerings.

In order to keep RaceTrac relevant in the modern market, we are introducing a new urban store design that is sustainable without gas, while still offering an experience unique to RaceTrac. These urban store locations will tap into a new market, offering a greater level of convenience for the modern customer. By moving all floor inventory to a back storage space, we make room for customers to lounge while their vehicles charge. Our locker system eliminates aisles and checkout lines, while creating a more convenient shopping experience.

Customer journey map I designed to visualize the concept

To craft an end-to-end holistic C-store experience for RaceTrac's customers, we did three observation sessions in the field for research, mapped out touchpoints, and then interviewed with stakeholders from RaceTrac and NCR. We also analyzed a rough business plan to determine financial viability. In the process, we created and prototyped a mobile APP and a kiosk which act as the most important touchpoints in our designed experience, as well as prepare a proposal with fine and precise language.

A detailed case study is coming soon.

Video for final presentation